My name is Emily and I am a mama, farmer, artist, follower of Jesus and avid daydreamer. I am passionate about storytelling, living creatively, stewardship, slowing down, contemplating my faith. As you might have noticed I love blue - cobalt and prussian hues are my favourite. I am happiest when I am milking a cow, cuddling my boys, wielding blue pens, walking under tall trees, picking violets, having intense conversations with friends, in the bathtub, reading poetry (or english literature), baking, eating butter, dancing the polka, listening to buzzing cicadas, dropping coins in the hat of an old man playing an accordion.

This blog was a place to note down and savour the good things in life... For eight years between 2007-2015 I posted (fairly) regularly until it seemed like the right time to move on. Now you can follow our farming and homesteading adventures on Hand to Ground and glimpses of daily life on instragram.

If you would like to get in touch please email me: emilyclaresims[at]gmail[dot]com

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